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Glossary and links to vessels,vehicles and weapons described in the books:

The “Sovereign Spirit” is based on a real ship that was for sale in 2010 -’11.  She had several names in her long life on the seas, starting in 1967 as a car ferry named the “Tor Hollandia” operating between Sweden and the UK, but is best known as the “F Diamond” when she served as the floating studio and set for Fashion TV on charter cruises.  Her last reported location is Algeria where she awaits conversion to a floating hotel, or final voyage to the scrap yard.


  • Number of cabins: 148
  • Cabin configuration: 148 Double
  • Bed configuration: 50 Pullman, 148 Double
  • Number of guests: 300


  • 262 plasma screens
  • Stadium DJ console
  • Martin Lighting Show System
  • Mach Audio System

V-Sat providing WiFi and Cellular coverage shipwide, even when the ship is in an area not covered by GSM.  Wi-Fi is moderate data transfer speed which is adequate for e-mail and basic browsing of the internet.

 Bell 214-ST helicopter

The Expiscator (118′ Hatteras Cockpit Motor Yacht)

The USCG Stratton (WMSL 752) National Security Cutter

USGC Dolphin helicopter


Cool Amphibious Vehicles

Hydra Terra Amphibious Tour Bus/Tender

Hydra Spyder amphibious sports car.

Terra Wind (Hydra Terra) Amphibious RV

 M-203 (M-16 rifle with 40 mm grenade launcher) and M-576 Buckshot Grenade

AAV-7 (LVTP-7) Marine Amphibious Assault Vehicle

Panther Fire Engine




The Following Entries concern items discussed in Book 2 “Flotilla of the Dead”



The RMS Queen Mary (floating hotel in Long Beach, CA)

The Queen Mary and Cruise Ship Terminal


LAV-25 Marine Light Armored Vehicle

Sea Launch ships at the Old Navy Mole on Terminal Island

Bottom to Top: Sea Launch Pad Odyssey in mouth of port; Sea Launch Commander docked in front of the Cape Inscription at the Old Navy Mole; Terminal Island in background.

Seawind single engine/pilot, four passenger, amphibious airplane.


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