Posted by  I’m glad you found us!  If you are uninfected and still have access to the internet, you are in a lot better shape than most of the world.  We have formed a Survival Flotilla and are conducting rescue and recovery operations along the coast of California.  If you are on or near the West Coast, we may be able to help you.  Even if you are somewhere else, please leave a status report and log your email.  We are compiling a list of survivors and safe havens around the whole world.  We will contact you with updates on the status of the Sovereign Spirit too.  Good luck and welcome to the Sovereign Spirit Network — The Commodore.

Posted by  This is Billy aboard the Sovereign Spirit.  My Dad, The Commodore now, is too busy killing zombies, rescuing survivors, and acting like a pompous ass to deal with this Network, so it looks like I will be responding to most of your messages.  Just don’t ask me where the ship is going next because I don’t know and he won’t tell me.

Posted by  I would delete that last post, if I had time to figure out how, but Billy is basically correct.  He will be your primary online contact with the Sovereign Spirit.  Please give him your questions and status reports. As you can see I will be checking up on him too. — The Commodore”

Breaking News Footage from Z-Day:

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  1. This is Edwin Stark, reporting from the deepest recesses of a Venezuelan jungle, located at 10º16’56″ N 66º22’36″ W according to the GPS function of my Internet-capable cell phone.
    Let me tell you that this is a very nasty place to be caught at during this terrible zombie outbreak… %$#FTd& (text garbled due to poor cellular phone connection)… but I’m managing somehow. I’m just talking a short respite in my little makeshift camp, before I gather enough gumption to search for more supplies and a spot to recharge my batteries.
    It took me a while to catch on that this was a zombie apocalypse, because the zombies are very hard to distinguish from the chavistas, the followers of El Presidento, the ruler of our little Banana/Oil Kingdom. They shuffle their feet, moan a lot and are extremely aggressive. What gave them a way was that the zombies failed to exchange verbal insults before attacking me (not that a chavista is above trying to bite you viciously, mind you).
    I was stationed at Eco Station One (which inspired me to write a funny book by the same name), an ecological research facility located deep into the rainforest, when the zombie epidemic broke loose.
    Our first zombie-zero encounter happened yesterday, when the guy who’s usually in charge of our supplies came back feeling very ill because someone had bit him in the arm, while he was at the nearest town doing some restocking %$#FTd& (text garbled due to poor cellular phone connection) purchases.
    He barely made it on time to report that something was wrong in town, then he looked about to faint. When two of the workers assigned to deep core soil sample extraction tried to help him, he viciously bit them in rapid succession. The rest, as many of you survivors must know by now, is history. It didn’t take long for the disease to spread all over the camp.
    Luckily, each one of us is issued a standard regulation machete sword so we can defend against jungle critters, snakes and such, and more fortunately, I was carrying mine at the time so I was able to protect myself since then.
    There were about forty workers and technicians currently stationed at the Station, and I’m not sure if there are any other survivors as myself amongst their number. Knowing a bit about survival, I knew instantly that my first goal was to secure some supplies and find a way to contact any possible survivors. This was easy to achieve, because the Jeep that had brought this week’s groceries was just sitting there and zombies, as you must know by now, are not interested in normal food.
    In spite of their incredible speed, the zombies are very clumsy moving about, so ironically my best defense was to get deeper into the jungle and build an impromptu camp there. These undead/sick/whatever creatures make a lot of noise while moving through the foliage, so I was able to use that as a warning signal to increase my chances to protect myself. The only downside is that I have to sleep on ground level, and I’m subject to getting some very nasty jungle bug bites while doing so, but it’s a lot better than the bite of a zombie, don’t you think so?
    The second part of my first goal was a lot harder to attain; the only way to connect with the outside world from here is by means of a cell phone connection, which I had to scavenge from Dr. Farmington’s office… which meant that I’d have to deal with the roving zombies before I could get it.
    Entering the Station’s main building was quite easy, since it’s only a beat-down, hangar-sized Quonset hut. I only had to behead a couple of zombies with my trusty machete on my way in (I keep it extra sharp, mind you). They move fast but I’m well trained.
    I entered Dr. Farmington’s office and searched through his desk. Unfortunately, the ruckus I made while finding my way in, had attracted three more zombies and they were heading this way. One just burst into the office and I was able to dispatch him easily; his head fell to the ground instantly and rolled there as a gruesome pinball, hitting a couple of the desk’s legs in the process.
    The other two, trailing the first zombie a few steps back, were harder to deal with. I beheaded one (you must aim carefully between the fourth and fifth vertebrae, using the Adam’s apple as a guide, so you can avoid wedging your weapon into bone) but my swing was ricocheted by the zombie’s collarbone as my weapon sliced through its neck
    However, I was able to use the lower back-swing to slash through the abdomen of the second monster, spilling its innards all over the place. Not that the damn thing was stopped by my attack; it kept coming forward, snapping his jaws at me as whether he was about to have a bite at me. The zombie was about a couple of feet away from me, and I was able to see into its deranged eyes. There was nothing human in there I tell you.
    I stepped back, trying to recover some maneuvering room and then I was able to cut the creature’s head off. Panting due the nearly fatal closeness of this encounter, I did a quick search of Dr. Farmington’s office and I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the cell phone sitting on the battery charger right under my nose, which is connected to the solar panels (the panels, not my nose) that are installed on the roof of the Quonset hut.
    I flipped the phone and oh thank God, it was fully charged. I knew there were some guns in camp, but the noise of more charging zombies precluded me from doing a more throughout search. So I headed into the deep jungle, sneaking my way out from the Station, and set up camp half a mile away from it.
    I’ve been sitting here all night long, carefully planning my next steps: I know I need a better defense than my machete; it has started to chip in and it’s losing its edge. I must go back to the Station tomorrow and find som…
    Oh, my! Sounds of something rustling its way into my direction! By the way it moves, I think it’s a couple of zombies, maybe more, comng my way and making a lot of noise as they move through the rainforest… They are coming to get me.
    No time to finnn… %$#FTd& (text garbled; report ends abruptly)

    • Edwin? Hello? This is Billy Allen. Are you still there? I don’t know crap about what to do in a jungle full of zombies. Why did you stop to type all of that? Run dude. Run! Or hide. Check in again later if you can. I’ll tell my Dad where you are. And… Oh… I typed your location into Google Earth. You’re on your own, Edwin. Good luck.

  2. This is Matt Benjamin. My wife turned yesterday. I need help. I’m using the last bit of electricity in the house to write this. I’m in Chicago. Please send help. Please…..

    • This is Billy. I don’t know anyone who can help you in Chicago, but you can help yourself by getting on a boat and going out onto the lake. Bring a fishing pole and bait (don’t use your wife as bait – she might contaminate the fish). Try to link up with other survivors on boats and find an island or isolated point to set up a safe haven. I’ll log your location. Give us updates on this thread if you have internet access. Good luck!

  3. Hey guys, this is John, would LOVE to be where you are–I’m in Boston, and it is NOT cool here. I was hanging out with some friends at the Rose Kennedy Parkway when there was this big to-do over in the First Aid tent. (Did I mention we’ve been camping out in support of the decriminalization of marijuana here in Mass???). I was like, “Someone can’t handle their acid,” and my man Skyler was all laughing and spilling Pringles when we heard this scream, like LOUD, louder than the time I used my ex’s rent money for Ramen noodles. Before you could say “Big Dig” we were over there in time to see this huge dude storm out of the tent and he tossed something at us, caught Skyler right in the face–it was a liver! I was like, “Whoah, we’re all vegans, man!” thinking it was like calve’s liver or some other friendly animal–it was a person’s liver! Then Huge Dude turned to this First Aid Supervisor, think his name’s Skunk, and just took a bite out of his cheek–NOT COOL. After that, it was just crazy, guys and chicks and bongs and rainbow flags flying everywhere. The cops came in, shooting, of course, didn’t do a damned thing. I went back to my dorm room, but it was crazy there, I saw this bunch of guys whalin’ on some security officers downstairs, blood everywhere, people running. This is bad, man. I had the TV on for awhile, saw what was happening, and took off to the waterfront, making sure to steer clear of the Rose, for sure. I hung out there most of the day then thought, Yo, moron, this is the wrong coast! So I’ve been living in one of the hotels on the waterfront, staying quiet, staying cool, getting food in cans from the 7-11, just keeping a low profile. I don’t know when the good guys are gonna come in and take care of these zombies, but it’s pretty bad here. They seem to have taken over the place and are just walking around, looking for people. I was hearing screams all the time until a couple weeks ago, first time I heard nothing it was scary, made me wonder if everyone else was dead. Now it’s been a week since I’ve heard a scream. So why do I still see them walking around the mall, the harbor, in the halls here? Do they smell me, or sense me? I have to wonder. I know they want to taste me. I change rooms once or twice a day but stay by the windows so I can see if any help is coming by sea. I’m waiting, in case you guys ever think to come this way.

    • Hi John. This is Billy on the Sovereign Spirit. I wish we could help you. You sound cool. But we would have to go around the world again, or down around South America (because I hear the Panama Canal is closed) and I doubt my Dad (the Commodore) would do that. It’s good that you are near the waterfront and have a view. Watch what the zombies do. Look for patterns. Look for a boat. When you are ready, go for it. Zombies hate water. Your best chance will be during a storm. Don’t waste it. Good luck!

  4. Yep Billy. I guess I got carried away with my initial post. But someone had to chronicle how it all began down here. Thanks for the info on zombies being afraid of water: that could be a lifesaver in the long run.
    Which gives me the idea of worming my way through the jungle until I reach some coastal land, and then see what will be my next step. I’m a bit reluctant of leaving the Station behind, as it represents a store of supplies and a reliable power source with its solar panels, but I feel the urge to regroup with other survivors like myself.
    It happens that one of the techs working here was a gun nut and I was able to liberate a vintage Colt .45 and some ammo for it from his shack. I also found a kickass Benelli shotgun but unfortunately no shells for it. I’ll file down the tips of the .45 bullets to make a few dum-dums and if any zombie gets at less than 50 feet from me, it will hear my best Dirty Harry impression before I blow its head to smithereens.
    Anyone has any news from Curacao or Aruba? I may be able to reach any of those locations from the Coro Penninsula by some clever island-hopping, if the situation is good there.

    • Edwin! This is Billy. I was worried about you. Glad you evaded those Zs and found a gun. I do think you should look for other survivors. You have to sleep sometime. And heading for the coast sounds like a good idea. Can you drive that jeep? Or will you be on foot? I’ll let you know if we get word on conditions in the islands down there. We did have contact from someone in Christ Church Barbados. Hopefully they will check in on this network.
      On the other hand, if there were only 40 people at Eco Station One and it sounds like you killed a bunch of zombies already, maybe you can wipe out the rest of them and fortify the station. It’s your call.

  5. L.M . here just off the California coast. When we first heard about the zombie attacks we all laughed and thought that’s Hollywood for you; they always go all out when they pull a publicity stunt. We just figured there must be a convention or new movie coming out. I wish that were true. We finally realized it was no laughing matter when we walked outside to yell at our neighbors to shut up. It was four in the morning, and I was in no mood to listen to another one of their all night fights. Shelly came bursting out of her house, and for once was being chased by their son Jeff; instead of the other way round. It was not until he caught her and sang his teeth into the back of her neck while clawing her eyes out that I realized something was up. I immediately ran back into the house to get my husband. When we came back out Jeff was pulling her kidney and liver out of her back and chewing on them. I of course turned around and hurled. My husband grabbed me by the arm and yelled bug out. Looking up I saw it was not an isolated event. We had been stocking and practicing bugging out in case of a nuclear blast, not a zombie attack but prepared is prepared. We are heading for the coast, have picked up four others on the way. I think we are going to try and make Catalina. I broke out in maniacal laughter when I wondered how much a car detailer was going to charge us to clean the zombie body parts off the grill of our suburban. To any other survivors receiving this message watch for a completely blacked out suburban and then flash us with a rapid repeated burst of flashlight clicks or place a green flag out for us to find. Do not run towards us or we will run you over.

    • Great to hear from you, LM. This is Billy. There are other survivors on Catalina Island. We are also establishing a safe haven in Long Beach, but you won’t be able to drive there. The roads are impassable and the whole LA area is overrun. If you can get to a boat you will have a chance.

      • Hi Billy good to hear from you; I was wondering who else might still be alive and not affected by the… Well I guess I am not sure what it is causing this. I have an eight man raft with a trolling motor strapped to the top of the Suburban. No problem in inflating it we made sure to grab the marine battery with inverter and air pump. Will take it as far as we can, it is pretty rugged and raised up pretty high. I guess who ever we find along the way will have to put on the life vest and be towed by rope. There is only so much supplies we are willing to leave behind. If we can find it is there anything you need out there.
        Wait no, no, I am afraid we may be delayed there is a group of them staggering up the street towards us, there is no room to turn around. I will contact you later if we survive

  6. This is Rejean Sours. There are currently 20 of us held up at Eisenhower Middle School in Lawton, Ok. We are doing well on food for now but are worried about our families.

    This was brought into our school by a teacher. He was bit in the neck by a homeless gentleman he was feeding at the local soup kitchen. When he came to school he had flu like symptoms. He left on a school field trip with my daughter and 15 others. The bus never made it to their destination or back to the school. I fear my daughter is dead or deadish.

    I have had no contact with Edison where my youngest daughter was at school. I dont have a satellite phone so no news from my husband currently stationed in Korea.

    Just knowing people are trying to do something helps. Well I will continue to check in but I have to share this laptop with others who want to find news.

    • This is Commodore Scott Allen. I’m glad to hear from you and hope that your daughters and husband are safe. I wanted to address your message personally to share those thoughts and ask if you have any information on the status of the Army at Fort Sill? Have you seen any indication that the Army is still functional? Any offensives against the Zs? If not, I suggest that you take your survival into your own hands. Try to make it to an island on Lake Lawtonka or Lake Ellsworth.

  7. Hey, Billy and Commodore Scott, I am up here in Kirkland, have a revolver with lots of ammo so can make it down to Lake Washington. I hope I can persuade some nice power boat or even a sail boat to take me on, since I know about the Flotilla and we can make our way down there, through Lake Washington and into Puget Sound and from there down to the California coast. Although, come to think of it, there are many islands out in the Sound that may be free of Zombies or could be made safe havens. I’m sure whatever boat takes me on has a radio and we can communicate further about that.

    • Good to hear from you, ddubert (is that how you want to be listed in the network?). This is Billy. My dad suggests that you head for the San Juan Islands first. Please let us know what you find. We have friends on Orcas Island (Deer Harbor) who could help you, but we have not heard from them since the outbreak. Probably just power or communication failure. Please let us know if you get there. I can’t say where we are taking the ship next (because I don’t know and Dad says not to give any intel to possible pirates), but we might head up that way. Good luck and thanks for checking in. Keep us posted.

  8. This is Rejean checking in: The last that heard from Ft. Sill was that they had taken up fortified fighting positions and trying to bring any uninfected people on post to the hospital and gyms. They are also sending out patrols in hopes of finding any surviors. They have made Ft Sill look like a maximum security prison. Helicopters and aircraft flying overhead throughout the day and night. The news has even reported that the Army is using drones to launch attacks on the large clusters of Zombies. They cant use water as a form of defense as we are in a drought. Me and the others have not tried to leave but signs of life on the roof of the school. We are hoping the army will soon pick us up. Will keep you informed, until then KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT.

    • Thanks for the sit-rep update and encouragement. If the school is secure, stay there for now. But make plans for your egress and where to regroup. Good luck and God Bless. Scott.

  9. I have contacted my friend with a sailboat and we are meeting at the Edmonds Marina if I can make it there in 24 hours. Otherwise I will try to hitch a ride with someone else or take one of the ferries. I’ll be ready for the infected with my revolver. Yes, it is old but it works and I have tons of ammunition for it. Well, enough for maybe 100 kills. I am sure Seattle itself will be overrun but there are many cranes and shipping containers on the waterfront so it could become a stronghold eventually. But for now not even attempting it. If Orcas is not good there are many other islands out there, and if I can meet my friend at Edmonds Marina we will try Whidbey first. My friend’s sailboat has a radio so we will be in contact hopefully.

    • Billy here on the Sovereign Spirit. DNicole, are you ddubert? Glad you are heading for the Sound. Let us know what you find there. Things are hectic everywhere. Conserve your ammo. Get on the water and lie low. Check in after things cool down, or you find a safe place to hold out. We’re in this for the long haul. Good luck!

  10. Yes, ddubert here, call sign DNicole. Heading for the Sound in a sailboat. Shouldn’t be too many Z’s in the islands in Puget Sound since we have learned from you that they don’t like water. Contact you later.

  11. Barry from Arizona here. I would try to get out to the coast, but I heard the zombies are nabbing people stopping for gas at Blythe. Is the Chiriaco Summit station still clear? I might be able to make it that far. Here, the suburbs are still OK, but downtown Phoenix is overrun with zombies. We got your news that they were afraid of water, but unfortunately we don’t have much of that. It’s only a matter of time before the darkness overtakes us all…

    • Barry, this is Billy. We don’t know much about road conditions inland, but if Phoenix is overrun, the suburbs won’t be safe for long. Arm yourself. My Dad remembers irrigation canals and a nuclear power plant West of Phoenix. Maybe you and others can establish a safe haven there and the power plant might hold back the darkness. At least there should be less Zs in the desert than the city. Take an RV with AC. You’ll need it. Good luck.

  12. Rejean here: Havent heard any helicopters in the last couple of days. Worried that something has happened to our Army base. Me and a few others have decided that the next rain (if we have one) will be time to try to head out to look for others. The High School next door seems to be a good place to look. I want to get out and try to find some family and friends. I feel helpless…..

  13. Hi Billie- My name is Linell Jeppsen. My husband, Dan, and I found out about the zombies a few weeks ago. Luckily, we are pretty far up in the mountains, and out in the sticks. Zombies seem to follow the main roads…they’re not too interested (or able) to go off the beaten track, so we were safe until last week.
    For some reason the zombies found us and we hardly got away with our lives! We’ve got guns though, (lots of guns!) so we blasted our way out of there and are heading toward the Harmony ranch in Colville. We’ve been hearing good things about that place- it’s full of good people and they aren’t afraid to protect themselves!
    Wish us luck getting there, okay? It’s good to know that someone out there…mainly you guys, know the truth and want to help. I’m pretty sure the government isn’t telling us the whole Story.Time to Hunt some zombies!

  14. Barricade myself, Billy? No way, Jose! And miss the opportunity to live out my Mad Max fantasy; misterious tough guy who solves every issue at gunpoint? Uh-huh. Tomorrow I’ll finish turning the Jeep into a demolition-style, zombie-shredder vehicle and I’ll dive in the nearest town, Caucagua, to search for more supplies and ammo. Wish me luck… How’s things out there?

    • Edwin? This is Billy. Are you still out there? How did the jeep work out? We are still on the ship, but a lot has happened that I can’t even begin to tell you about. This zombie apocalypse thing really sucks. And it’s not just the zombies. Some of the survivors are even more dangerous than the infected. Watch out for bad guys. Get to the ocean and get on a boat. Let us know if you make it.

  15. Hi Billy I am part of a large group. We are in Nebraska kicking some zombie butt! My group is mostly coworkers and family. We were actually kinda prepared for this situation as we were zombie fans. Not so much anymore though! We did lose some people luckily though two of our guys frank and gordia took care of it. Right now we are doing ok and are working on creating a safe haven. Will keep you updated on our progress here.

  16. I told gordia that I had contacted another group! He said I should tell our side so others in our situation can maybe find us. So here it goes! My coworkers and I were at work when it started. Our warehouse is right next to the airport we were hearing weird announcements coming from the radio. Dave said “sounds like zombies” we just laughed. About a hour after that we here a big plane coming in to the airport. Next there was a horrific boom! We could here the windows in the office shattering. Gordia and Dave came running out to make sure we were ok in the warehouse. I said”oh my God a plane crashed!” Hello captain obvious! Then we started hearing this weird moaning sound and screams. We were trying to decide if we should go outside to help when someone started screaming over the pa system! Ok so by now we are truly freaked out! We know what’s coming next, yup there it is pounding on the doors to the warehouse. It was a good thing gordia Dave and I were zombie fans. We all grabbed shovels and started for the back of our building to the exit. All might have gone well except Eric started screaming like a horror queen upon seeing a real life zombie! So the twelve us start running for the trucks we decided to take,Eric is still screaming. Of course he trips and he is zombie chow. Nate being a airhead stopped to help Eric and was also tooken down by the zed’s. We had three trucks ready to go when frank sees a man running towards us from the airport. We drove towards him and could see a pilots uniform under the blood pouring from his head. We decided to take him with us. It was a good choice

  17. Hi Billy wolffin here, we had a bit of a zombie problem yesterday! Strange how back before this mess they called Nebraska fly over country! More like run to country! Currently our status is secure and well provisioned. We are on a island in the middle of the north Platte river outside gering /scottsbluff Nebraska. It is actually good sized 800yards long and about 300 yards wide. We have ten rv’s on our island and four humvee’s we snagged from a road block. I-80 is a mess all highways are the same. Now how our small city in a valley got into such a mess. I had left off when we picked up the pilot Henry lee Spence. He was the pilot of the plane that crashed at our airport. He said his plane was coming from la bound for new York. The trouble started over las Vegas air traffic control said for him to divert Denver. Well the dia had its own problems thirty two planes in a holding pattern. Our pilot said the airchatter was talking about our airport because it has a extra long runway. He and another pilot decided to try and make for it because the fuel situation was low. Henry said it was rough landing for his plane it was the other plane that didn’t make it. He escaped through the cockpit hatch and to dodge zombies right away. He had given up hope when he heard our trucks and made a run for it. Between the two planes three hundred and nintey six people are now zombies looking for fresh eats. Well its my turn for the night watch. I hope if there our other survivors along the north Platte river you see this and try to make your way here

  18. Wolffin checking in. I am starting to worry no one has posted for awhile. I know the net is still working our guy gordia is a genius when it comes to that tech stuff. Hello anybody there? Well maybe I am talking to myself but it helps ease the stress. So here we are another hot dry windy day in Nebraska. We are doing the best we can in this situation. We number one hundred and seven survivor. As of today a canoe came floating down from north Platte with three more people aboard. As I said before those of us near highways or intrstates are kneehigh in zombies. Really our little county population maybe forty thousand over run by freaks deadhead’s, zed’s whatever you want call them makes me mad! We were Nebraska the good life for Pete’s sake! What gives them the right to come in and take over my valley!? Yeah population two hundred thousand stinking nastiness now. Humans? Not to many! Excuse me my anger is taking over I will come back when I have better grip on myself

    • Hello Wolffin! This is Billy. Glad to get your updates. I was on a mission with my Dad and we were operating under radio silence. Sorry nobody was checking the survivors’ network for a few days. That might happen again soon, but don’t worry. The Sovereign Spirit is fine and so are we. There is just so much to be done…

      It’s great to hear you have a group of over 100 survivors! There is safety in numbers. Also good that you are near the Platte river. You should probably set up your safe haven or stronghold somewhere along the river. Gather boats, rafts, and canoes in case you need to evacuate downriver. You have every right to be pissed off that the Zs. But save some anger for the people who unleashed this undead plague on all of us. We have some clues that might lead us to them. Stay tuned. Sovereign Spirit Out.

  19. Hello Billy great to hear from you. We have been busy! We relocated thirteen miles to gordias family farm. We had to move to many survivors and some bad people! We are currently using semi trailers as our fence strung with barb wire. We also have tires outside the perimeter to trip up the zombies. Best of all we have two combines at a funnel point. Man combines can shred zombies fast! We came up with combine idea when we decided to clean out the supermarket on the edge of town. Dave volunteered. To be the bait to lure the zombies away. That’s when we decided to use the combines sitting in a field out on the highway. It was brilliant! Well except when gordia and Ryan got into a fist fight over whshould drive the second combine. They are brothers wouldn’t know it the way they constantly argue. Well even though Ryan is bigger than gordia gordia won. Gordia admits hes not above fighting dirty. He took a bite out of Ryan! So Ryan got to sit on top the combine with his 45′s one for each hand. While frank, that’s my husband, drove the second combine. With Henry riding on top with his assault rifle. So crazy Dave is ready on a moped of all things! Although I must say it was a great idea that moped was able to get around stalled vehicles easily. It was my idea Dave wasn’t thrilled, but hey he wanted to be the bait! So Dave takes off singing some song at the top of his lungs! He is also laughing like a crazy person while playing chicken with the zombies! Some of us really are questioning his sanity although I think he just really likes killing zombies. So once the area is clear we take off to the lumber store a block over. That store has a big truck with a forklift attached to it. The keys were in the ignition. So back to the loading dock of the supermarket

    • We got the supermarket cleaned out in a hour. It took two semi’s but it was worth it. Meanwhile all kinds of strange sounds are coming from the walkies. Frank later told me that gordia was doing figure eights with his combine mowing down the zombies while still arguing with Ryan. Ryan was shooting zombies while cussing gordia out. Frank was pretty sure Dave was singing Henry the eighth while driving around the field, then straight down the middle towards the combines! Frank said he to did some figure eights himself and maybe a couple circles around gordia. All in all it was a good day for our group

  20. We have great news! Gordias cousin Preston is halfway here coming from southdakota. As we suspected the highways are impassable. He is you using old farm roads and the prairie. My sister managed to escape Lincoln with her children and is also on her way here. She has a group with her of sixty two. Same as Preston, Tara has to use old farm roads. We are preparing to clear a small area of the highway to create a pass for these two groups wish us luck! Maybe we will have Dave be bait again!?

  21. I am with a group of 12 survivors and a army solider. We are driving in 7 Armoured Humvees; a M996 Mini-Ambulance Armoured, a M998 Cargo/Troop, two M998 HMMWV Avenger, two M707 Stricker with M240B Machine Gun and one m56 Coyote Generator Smoke. We have been drafted by the u.s.a army we are lead by Private 1st Class Luke Gauge and have about 2 days of training by the us army. We are currently moving through North and South Carolina taking back land from the undead bastards. We have managed to kill all of the zombies in Ashville nc and set it up as a safe heaven, if anyone can make it there…

    • This is Billy. Good to hear that there is some organized resistance back there. We are on the other side of the continent. Good luck!

  22. Scratch that ashville has been hit by a group of gangs calling them selfs The Solstice Pandemic there are over two-thusand of them and they have air support they are killing people in the streets and blowing up buildings with Tanks abd rpgs i don’t know were they are from and how they got all this fire power but I quote from General Isaic Greene leader of the civilan/military army “Ashville is a complete war zone between us and the Solstice Pandemic all who are in cannot get out all who are outside should stay outside are gates have been close and are arms left crossed across are chest.” If anyone can fly in and atleast make it to are headquarters to take these cases of insalin to a safe zone they better due it by tomorrow at 12:00am every one else will be shot out of the sky.

  23. The barriers holding out the zombies just broke 1 hour ago wee are still fighting the Solstice Pandemic but its 20 times worst if we fall here the insaline will be lost we have tons of the stuff and are still protecting it we are moving some of the stuff to a place called the marble slab Wichita should have a frezzer in the back were we can freeze the isaline since it use to be a ice cream shop though we are losing contact with most of the civialin and military platoons and the General fears we will run out of amo if we have to fight both The Solstice Pandemic and the Zombies we request assistance and if none can be deploy we request care packages of ammo and supplies.

    • This is Commodore Scott Allen. I’m wondering why you would spend so much effort trying to help diabetics while everyone else is being eaten alive? Screw the insulin. Bug out of there. It’s better to abandon the town than fight whacked out, sun worshiping pagans. Withdraw and let them fight the zombies at your rear. Focus all your efforts on defeating the zombies and give ground to wackos. You can deal with them later. Survivors should not fight other survivors while the zombies threaten the survival of our species. We have no air support to offer you. I intercepted a message from another “general” who might be trying to contact you, but I am sure you have better means of communicating than going through the server on my ship. God luck and Godspeed.

  24. Get out of ashville! It looks like a lost cause. Take whoever is left and move on. I know it would be hard to give up what you fought so hard for but its not worth peoples lives!

  25. Update we now have 672 survivors! Both Tara and Preston made it here with their groups. We found more people in town and 37 otr truckers. We have been busy rounding up cattle chickens horses and a few pigs. We have enlarged our area and it is turning into a real fortress. We have set up pivot sprinklers all around our perimeter and lookouts are posted on the hills around us. Sadly we to have had trouble with people who think they can do whatever they want. We fought back and we won! So a warning to anybody thinking of trying to attack us don’t even think about it!

  26. This is Billy. I thought you might want to see some of the news footage that we recorded on Z-Day as the virus spread around the world. This is a recorded news feed from the UK that got off their satellite feed before it went down.

  27. This is Tony in San Francisco. I am a manager of a large apartment building in Nob Hill and with the help of the few tenants left we have been able to secure the property. Thank God for earthquake “preparedness” as we do seem to have enough basic supplies, food, water, etc., to last a few weeks. Weapons are almost impossible to locate though with this city’s strict gun laws. Pre Zs owning a pellet gun could get you arrested! Anyway, we do have several sharp weapons, and I own several professional cross bows, so that has taken care of the few encounters we have faced with the infected. The same bullshit about “stay in your homes” has been announced by our local government, but nothing has been heard from them in days.

    We were able to get some of the information you passed along through GNN about water and hills! The Zs not walking uphill unless attracted to something is correct! San Francisco as you probably know is known for steep street inclines and we have been able to avoid several direct encounters by using stealth, staying quiet and using some of the steep streets to our advantage while doing some very limited recons of the immediate area.

    The National Guard has blown a large section of the Bay Bridge between the City and Oakland. I guess they want to trap the Zs on our side of the bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge appears to still be intact but looks jammed with vehicles. Oh, I am able to see all this from the roof of my building through binoculars. And by the way, the Marina doesn’t really have fences so it is not secure. I would not suggest that the Flotilla attempt to enter the Bay at this time. The Coast Guard stations in Alameda, and a couple of the small staging areas near the Bay, seemed to be active the first week of the outbreak, we watched Dolphins flying and several of the smaller Bay patrol vessels, but haven’t seen them for the past several days. Can’t report anything further on military action after the Bay Bridge was blown. Not a good sign I think. The only other military base I know of is Travis Airforce Base near Fairfield north of us. No idea what is going on there?

    We are formulating an idea however. Alcatraz Island! Not sure just yet how to reach it, but if we are able to relocate there with the supplies we have, and plan to gather, clear any infected, we should be able to hold out fairly well. There are a couple people in our group that have boats in the Marina, so we have to figure out how to get this done. In the meantime, as I mentioned, we are secure for now.
    I will keep you updated about our relocation to Alcatraz. Once a part of the Flotilla does finally arrive in the area we will stand ready to assist in any way we can. The closet port for large vessels would be the shipyards in Oakland by the way. I believe you will find much of the supplies and equipment you have in the Long Beach area.

    I will keep you updated when possible on our progress, and luck to us all! Thank you for the information you have gotten out, and for standing fast for humanity! Know that we stand with you in this task!

    • Great to hear from you, Tony. This is Billy Allen on the Sovereign Spirit. I can’t tell you where we are going next, but it’s a safe bet that some of the ships of the Flotilla will be sent to San Francisco eventually. I’ll log your current location on Nob Hill and plans for relocation to Alcatraz. That sounds like a good plan, if you can bring enough supplies with you.

      Thanks for the report on the Coast Guard up there. I’ll pass that along to the USCG Stratton. Also good to hear your confirmation about the Zs avoiding steep hills of the streets of San Francisco. You might be safe on Nob Hill, if you don’t attract too much attention to yourself. If you do try to get to a boat in the marina, your best chance should be while while it is raining. Spread the word and keep the faith. You are not alone.

  28. This is Tony in San Francisco. Thanks for the suggestion about rain Billy. Although it is not the rainy season in this area yet, we do have extremely foggy conditions throughout the summer months. With the idea of moving in rain, we have spent a couple days observing the activities of the Zs during heavy fog and what we have observed is noteworthy. The fog appears to disorient the Zs somewhat. They are extremely agitated and although remain mobile they appear to be moving about without what appears the ability to focus! This was brought to example by a speeding car going down California Street last night. Normally the Zs give immediate chase to anything moving, as I know you are aware. With the foggy conditions yesterday none of the Zs appeared to be able to focus in on the car! They seemed to be aware it was there, but we actually saw many of them run into each other, buildings, etc. Almost as if the fog blinded, or at least limited, their ability to see? I’m not sure just yet how this is going to help us with our move toward the Marina, and ultimately into the Bay, but we are tossing ideas around.

    What we have decided however is that we are going to attempt to secure weapons at one of our police stations. The City is broken up into several police districts, with stations in each district, and one of those stations for the district our building is located is only 6-7 blocks away. After an inventory, we are well stocked for several weeks on food and essentials, but I fear without weapons, GUNS!, we are not going to be able to move from this location. One of the tenants here is a retired city cop and thinks that the district station in our area houses (housed?) the City’s SWAT team which should include an urban assault vehicle called a Bearcat. Apparently this thing is a rolling armored car! The only other option for weapons would be to try to breach the San Francisco Mint. It is a fortress unto itself, but it is on the other side of the City, reaching it would probably be impossible and even if we did not sure how we would get in.

    We have also changed plans on the Alcatraz move. We are talking about Treasure Island, located just off the Bay Bridge. This was an old naval station that was converted into general housing a few years ago. Several apartment buildings, stores, restaurants, etc. Only one access road leading into it from the Bay Bridge but has several small vessel docks on one side which, if we can reach the Marina to secure boats, we can land on the island. This is a fairly self-contained location with housing, generators, etc. I am confident however that there also is a Z welcoming committee waiting unlike Alcatraz. Our options will be much better there for setting up a long term safe zone. Although large ships are unable to dock directly at the island, it is much closer to the Oakland shipyards and the most interesting potential being the Coast Guard Island Alameda which was opened in February of this year! There has just GOT to be guardsmen there still! This is a large USCG Station and the home of the Cutter Pike. Lofty goals here, but like your father, we are trying to think ahead and maintain hope…

    All this a moot point however without weapons, so the next step is to plan the police station raid. Wish us luck!

    • Tony, this is Commodore Scott Allen. Thank you for your situation reports from the Bay Area. This information will be very helpful when we send elements of the Flotilla to San Francisco Bay. If you can hold out for a while, we will try to assist you.

      You are wise in your decision to arm yourself and to move to an island in the bay. Treasure island will provide more resources than Alcatraz. I can also confirm that the USCGC Stratton is still in radio contact with Coast Guard cutters and stations in the Bay Area. In fact, the Coast Guard station on Yurba Buena Island is defending access from the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island and is already setting up a safe haven there. It’s being run by the National Guard unit that you mentioned. The same ones who blew up the Bay Bridge. They did it to Secure Treasure Island. However, our information is that survivors who arrive there are being taken to a refugee camp at the Treasure Island Elementary School and housed in tents on the playing field. Those who come by boat have the option to anchor in the old Pam Am Clipper Basin and live aboard their boats. Supplies are limited and rationing is in effect.

      Have you considered Angel Island? There is an abandoned military base and the old Angel Island Immigration Station, as well as a marina and the Point Blunt lighthouse station operated by the Coast Guard. Angel Island might be a good place to establish another safe haven in the bay.

      The Coast Guard station below the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge at the old Fort Baker, is still active too. They blocked off the road from the 101 freeway to Cavallo Point. The former officer housing there was recently converted to a resort. The little marina there reportedly secure too. That sounds like a good stronghold.

      Either way, living aboard a boat might be your best option for the near term. If the boats belonging to those in your party are not large enough to house all of you, you might consider untying some larger abandoned yachts, or even houseboats, at the SF Marina and towing them to wherever you set up camp. We are doing the same thing for survivors who reach the Terminal Island Safe Haven.

      Let me just say that your plan to get guns from the police station is a good one. You must be able to defend yourself from the undead and keep vigilant for threats from other survivors who have lost respect for their fellow man. I wish you luck and Godspeed in whatever you decide to do.

      Please keep the faith and do your best to help us all defeat the zombie threat and restore our civilization. Keep Billy informed of your progress, if possible, and know that you are not alone.
      The Commodore

  29. Hi Billy, this is Tony in San Francisco. We were successful in our efforts to secure weapons from the police station. We now have 6ea Remington 870P & 8ea Mossberg 500 shotguns, a couple MP5s, 4ea scoped Remington 700 PSS rifles, 11ea Glock 21s (not big on the 9mm, was hoping to find 45s, but happy with what we now have), and several hundred rounds of ammunition for each. Nothing close to what we will ever need from the madness we’ve seen, but a far cry from the sharp weapons we started with. The station was locked and empty. Once we were able to make entry we found many of the weapons gone. It was obvious that the cops responded to the initial outbreak. We have not seen any of them in the area. Not a good sign. Anyway, reaching the station, gaining entry and breaking into the armory is a story unto itself, but I will not waste time on that right now.

    As an aside, I wanted to tell you that most of us are retired military or law enforcement, me being the youngest at 55, the oldest being 70, but fit and healthy all things considered. It has been amazing to all of us how quickly we have fallen back on our previous training and experiences. The old adage about being careful for what you wish for holds a great deal of truth though. I had retired and taken on the job of being a building manager to keep busy. I have only been out of law enforcement, with 25 years as a deputy sheriff retiring with the rank of sergeant, for a couple years and was really missing it. Thought it would be good to see a little of the old excitement again in my life. Guess the Zs helped with that little issue. BE CAREFUL FOR WHAT YOU WISH FOR! But I digress.

    The urban assault vehicle, along with a mobile command center, was still at the station. The parking area is secured behind an 8-10 foot wall with 2 gated access points. The doors to the station are solid and we were able to secure them for the time being. The Zs were thick in the front of the station when we first made entry but the station is located on an uphill incline so we were able to get in before they made it up the hill. A portion of them lost interest and moved on thanks to someone in a car trying to drive through the tangle of other vehicles on the street below. There are many still shambling around the front of the station, but we have an idea how to handle that little problem once we have our plan in place for the next step of our journey to the reach the Bay.

    Our goal now after reaching the Marina and securing a few boats is to try to reach houseboats that are docked in Sausalito. One of our group actually lived there at one time, and is confident that although they are secured to the docks, connected to land base utilities, we should be able to get them unhooked and out onto the Bay with a little work. We have a lot of planning to do prior to any of this but we are secure enough for now in the police station so we are going to hash this all out very carefully. I think we will only have one shot to get any of this done. One other thing that is important is to secure more provisions prior to heading to the Marina. We have a Costco in the City and feel with the assault vehicle and mobile command center, which is a converted mid-size RV, we can get that done.

    We have all agreed to adopt the Flotillas “ownership of property” rules. Our pledge is to only scavenge property and goods not being used by other survivors. We will not “survive” at the cost of others. We are in hopes that we will meet survivors in Sausalito, or along the way to the Marina, and will be able to convince them to join our group. Nonetheless, if someone has already secured something, and they are not interested in joining us, we will move on. There is enough misery without out adding to it. We have seen other people in buildings but there is just no way for us to help them. With the vehicles and weapons we have now maybe, but it just seems overwhelming right now.

    Please extend our sincere gratitude to the Commodore for his personal note to us, and about the activities of the Coast Guard in the Bay. It now makes complete sense why the National Guard would blow part of the Bay Bridge. As for Treasure Island, my group is not interested in being housed in a refugee camp limiting, or should I eliminating, our ability to be part of this fight. We never considered Angel Island as a possible location but that will be our goal once we see what can be found in Sausalito.

    Once we are in the Marina, and have access to marine radios, we will contact the USCG to advise them of our presence and our intentions. We were a bit apprehensive about making contact with the military, and frankly wasn’t sure if they were even in the area, until we knew where they stood. The information from the Commodore about the activities of the local CG and National Guard has put all those concerns to rest. Hopefully they will allow us to secure Angel Island to establish another strong hold. We may be a bit long in the tooth, but with the weapons we now have, well let’s just say we can still bite! Retirement just wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. We’ll “retire” when we’re dead, but in the meantime we’ll take out as many Zs as possible and help as many survivors as we can.

    I completely understand you and the Commodore are extremely busy and do not expect replies to all our posts directly. They are most welcome of course, but we do understand. I also understand these posts are long, but I think writing the words helps maintain a level of sanity knowing that others are out there.

    Need to go. It seems we have a situation developing in front of the station. Looks like the shamblers out front have been joined by more of their friends. Can they smell us? I’ll report more when I can…

  30. As tough as the last few days have been I’ve made it a point to check for any internet activity. This seems to be the only website still under power and being maintained. Firstly, my name is Bill Hunt and I live in Canton Michigan, about 35 miles west of Detroit. I’ve gathered together about 15 other survivors and we are hold up in the Sams Club on Ford Road & Lily.

    Its looks like (around here anyway) that we are in the second wave, for me that means most of the easy pickings are gone for the zombies. I guess this is good and bad. Good because the chaos is over, bad because the zombies are now moving in packs. Its been hard to explain to my fellow survivors how important it is to keep a low profile now. Zombies in large groups will eventually break any barricade. It’s just simple math, and Christ if I can’t get that across to some of these people. Look, zombies don’t get tired, they don’t have a moral problem, and they don’t attack at dawn. They come and come and come, relentlessly. Zombies don’t fall back and regroup if they take heavy losses. This is not Thermopylae assholes!

    Ok, I must be tired, sorry about the outburst. I going to take 5.

    • Bill, this is Billy. Sorry I missed this post. It’s been crazy here. Don’t ask how crazy. You probably have the same problems. Sounds like you know what to do. Keep the faith. Keep your people in line. I am logging your position. Sounds like you know what it takes to survive. God luck. Keep us posted.

  31. Billy – This is Tony in San Francisco. Getting out of the station was dicey. Although not many more Zs showed up as we thought might, there were still 20-30 of the things milling around the front of the station and the perimeter wall of the parking area. Most by the wall of the parking area were on the uphill side front gate entrance but this worked perfectly into our plan to escape. The other gate entrance to this area is located on the opposite side. Under the cover of night, and some heavy fog, we pushed one the police cars to that gate. Just at dawn the next morning, and while the fog was still heavy, we opened the gate, started the car, turned on the lights and siren, secured the steering wheel to maintain a fairly straight line down the hill and pushed it out. It was like watching bees going to honey. Actually flies to shit. The Zs followed that car down the hill until it hit a turn which stopped its travel. It went far enough however that it drew most of Zs away from the front gate which allowed us to pull the assault and command vehicles out. There were still Zs in the front area but the assault vehicle sliced through, and over, them without a problem.

    We made it to Costco, secured more supplies, found a few survivors we were able to pick up, got back to the Marina and actually made it to Angel Island. We decided to forego the plan to search Sausalito for now feeling it more important to reach the island first. This is the extremely short version of what happened along the way of course, and had some severe challenges to overcome, but to save time for now, I will just state that we made it. We found an area at the Marina we were able to secure the vehicles in before we got on the ships so we are in hopes that they can be used again by either us or other survivors. We left instructions on how to contact us in both, along with keys and radios. We debated on leaving a few weapons but decided not to invite trouble should the wrong folks happen upon the vehicles.

    Once we made it to the Marina we were able to secure 4 medium sized yachts. Since they are large enough to accommodate everyone in our group we decided if we were not able to land on Angel Island at least these ships were better suited for the Bay, or the open sea if necessary, than the smaller boats. The only concern is that although all 4 ships have marine radios we have been unable to contact the Coast Guard directly as of today. Not sure what that means just yet.

    We landed at Ayala Cove, which seems to be the largest dock area on the island. Once we were tied up, we decided it best to clear some of the island before everyone came ashore. We found a couple Bayliner boats and went back out and around to China Cove where we landed and hiked to the old Immigration Station. There must have been a tour group ashore when everything hit. There were probably 50 or so Zs roaming the area but we were able to put them down, albeit we are all suffering from sore shoulders from the recoil of the weapons, burning eyes from the cordite and ringing ears. It is amazing how it looked in the movies. Charge in, save everyone and live happily ever-after. Anyway, to our surprise we found people barricaded inside the station! Several US Park Service workers, tourists and even a paramedic. They were most happy to see us but some in the group do not seem to get the current state of affairs yet. There is grumbling about using the ships to return to other ports in the area, but for now we have been able to dissuade any rash actions.

    At that point we thought it best to go back to ferry the rest of our group to the Immigration Station as it appears a good location to set up an initial base… It is easily secured and there are generators, with underground fuel tanks that appear to be almost full, that will provide heat, cooking abilities, showers, etc., for at least 2 months. There is enough water on the island to last 3 months according the Park Service employees. General supplies are good for now between what we were able to bring and what was already here.

    Since were unable to contact the Coast Guard via radio, our next step to try to make direct contact with any that might still be at their station on Pt. Blunt. Fort McDowell is on the way so we will see what we find there.

    Here’s a link to a map we were able to find of the Island. Although most livable area appears to be around the perimeter of the island, we are in hopes we can make this a base of operations to expand from. As you can readily see, there are several locations throughout the island that can offer housing, docking, and other general needs. The island is secure from the Zs since reaching it can only be done by boat or ship and it is defensible from those who might wish to take it for other reasons.

    Also, here are the radio frequencies we will be monitoring going forward for those wishing to contact us. This will be my final report as such as I think we are fairly secure for now. I will, however, relay anything of importance to you should something arise. Not sure what our status will be after we make contact with the Coast Guard, but we will continue to plan and will remain steadfast in our commitment to help reclaim even a small portion of our world.

    Angel Island was once a stopping point for hundreds of thousands of immigrants seeking a better way of life in a new land. We will help her stand ready once again to be that safe harbor for an all new generation of “immigrants” now seeking much of the same things as those who landed on these shores sought so long ago….

  32. Break, Break, this is Rawhide Six One requesting priority extract. We are at long 47.7N lat 122.61. There are twenty-six, I say two six souls. Our perimeter is secure but need immediate extraction of a high value pax. Any station, any station this is Rawhide Six One requesting immediate priority extraction.

    • Rawhide Six One, this is Sovereign Spirit. You sound military. We are a civilian ship, but can pass your message along to the Coast Guard and Marines. We don’t have any assets in the Seattle area, but have been in contact with survivors trying to get to the San Juan Islands by boat. If you are military, the best chance of rescue near your reported position would be the Trident ballistic missile submarine base a few miles east of you at Bangor. Good luck and please let us know if the boomer base is still active. The crews on those boats spend months at sea, so they should be free of infection. We are hoping that your region will fair batter than most due to the zombies aversion to rain. Keep us posted.
      The Commodore

      • Sovereign Spirit, Rawhide Six One,

        Negative on Bangor. I say again Triple B is a hot zone. Hostiles control the area. We do not have commo with any boomers. Land transpo from our location is a negative. Any assets you can expedite in our direction would be much appreciated. Can confirm that we are a military unit. Do you have commo capability to patch us to NCA?

        • Rawhide Six One, we have no contact with the National Command Authority and are unsure of their status. Our highest level of direction comes from email contact with a CDC bunker. Admiral Winchester commands remaining military assets on the West Coast from San Diego but his intentions and capabilities are unclear. Additional lines of communication are temporarily available at where brief (under 250 word) situation reports can be posted. Please read the posting rules and proceed as directed. The Sovereign Spirit will continue to monitor both survival networks.

  33. Rawhide six one, this is Angel Island San Francisco Bay. Although we are just getting the island secure and set up we are prepared to immediately intake at least 150 survivors if your group is able to relocate. There are also other areas within the San Francisco Bay that are being secured. Although we too are civilians, we will also pass your information to the National Guard & Coast Guard elements in the area although I am confident the Sovereign Spirit has already made contact with them.

    We are located at latitude 37.862N long 122.43W and stand ready to assist. Hang in there!

  34. Attention, all survivors posting this station, an alternate server with exposure to additional survivors is temporarily available at where brief (under 250 word) situation reports can be posted. Please read the posting rules and proceed as directed. The Sovereign Spirit will continue to monitor both survivor networks. Good luck and Godspeed.

  35. Sovereign Spirit, Rawhide Six One, we are Oscar Mike at Condition Red enroute to Rally Point Charlie. Request you forward the following: 14 KIA, 0 WIA. Will rendezvous at N 47.09732 by W -122.91155

  36. Mayday Sovereign Spirit.

    Our charter 737-200 with the entire Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders squad has crash landed at Disneyland, Long Beach. Mickey, Donald and several chipmunk characters have been put down due to infection. The fences should keep hostiles out for the time being, but I am inundated with cheerleader demands for snuggling, pillow fights and late night talk sessions. Hair spray supplies are low and we’re out of hygiene products. I can’t take it much longer, I may hop the fence and take a chance with the zombies.

    Most of our clothing was burned in the crash landing, and we are relegated to wearing Disney costumes. When your choppers arrive, look for the man dressed as the back end of Dumbo toting a Remington 870….

    If your chopper arrives,

  37. This is Angel Island San Francisco Bay, located at 37.862N 122.43W. We are a group of civilians that have secured the island and are accepting survivors. For those in this area, your best hope is to get to water, secure some type of boat and get onto the Bay. We are sending out daily patrols as far south as possible. There are other safe docks and anchorages in the Bay and you will be escorted to one of those locations for intake if Angel Island reaches capacity. Coast Guard forces are thin, and so is their patience. If you encounter them, use caution when making initial contact. Yield to their directions precisely.

    Do not, I repeat, DO NOT approach any mainland docks. This includes the San Francisco Marina, Embarcadero Piers, Sausalito and Tiburon. These areas have not been secured and are infested with the infected.

    Survivors are reporting marauders on the Marin County side of the Bay. Caution is strongly advised if you are traveling overland in that area. We have not heard anything from the South Bay approach. You should assume ALL land routes are unsecure. Do not enter the city. It is overrun.

    Avoid contact with the infected. The use of melee weapons as a last resort is strongly advised, as loud noise attracts them. Once they have seen you they will pursue relentlessly. We are all fighters, but for now we must survive. This is Angel Island. You are not alone.

    • Thank you for the update, Tony. Glad to hear that Angle Island turned out to be a good place to set up a safe haven. My Dad has authorized me to say that you can expect a visit from elements of the Flotilla eventually, including supplies for Angel Island. Hang in there. Thank you for trying to help other survivors and sharing your lessons and resources with them. Keep the faith. You are not alone either.
      Billy Allen

  38. I don’t know if this is going to make it to anyone and truth be told I’m not too sure that it matters. I’m fucked. We’re all fucked. I just watched four of these bastards dismantle a little girl like she was Thanksgiving dinner. They wish-boned her and spilled her guts like a piñata. I’m somewhere near San Diego. I expected carnage when I came to see the Chargers play but this is ridiculous. I wish that I could find Sea World and climb inside of Shamu until this shit is over. Hell, it worked for Jonah. I’m rambling, I know but this is the closest I’ve came to talking to someone in a couple days that didn’t immediately look at me like I was lunch. I’ve been running and hiding and hiding and running so much that I just realized that I can run and urinate at the same time. I never would have imagined that a person could even do that. I’m scared…I’m scared of everything. I’m even scared to hit send on this message because what if no one ever sees it. I think I know what direction the beach is and I’m going to make a run for it. I think I’d rather drown than get mauled by these things. If you’re near…please try to find me and if not…good luck. Oh and one last thing…if somehow you find my wife, Heather before me, please don’t tell her that I pissed myself. It’s pretty embarrassing. Ash

    • Ash, this is Billy. We did get your message. Head for the beach. They won’t follow you into the water. Then head for Coronado Island, even if you have to swim across the Bay. The Navy and Marines have a major refugee camp there. Good luck. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your wife. By the way, it is easier to urinate while swimming than running. Just saying.

  39. Just checking in, know its been awhile. Looking for survivors in the Lawton/Ft. Sill area? Small group still at EMS. Please try to contact us….ASAP. Food running short but our group has gotten bigger since my last check in.

    • Good to hear you are still alive! We have your position plotted on the Survival Network. If you have to move, try for a lake with an island. Good luck.

  40. Anyone out there?


    This is William Hawkins.


    Day fourteen. Feels like months now since the outbreak. Only two weeks and already the looters have taken everythin – food, water, ammunition. Medicine. I should have fought harder. I fear I’ve doomed myself.

    I thought the Walkers were bad enough, but they only want one thing. I can’t give it to them, not now. Not anymore. It’s the living I now fear. They have all gone mad. They kill for sport. For revenge. To dull the pain of this anarchy. To take the edge off the boredom. I fear them more than the Undead. I fear them more than death.

    Karen has left me. It didn’t take long for it to happen. Women are fickle.

    I shouldn’t say that. She wasn’t the only one. And she didn’t want to leave. She had to. I couldn’t give her what she needed. They took the medicine and the food. It was the food she needed. She was so hungry.


    I missed her terribly that first night. I still do, but the pain of her leaving has become something dull, diffuse, a fuzzy recollection of something I used to know better. Something known. Something..felt. A memory.

    Hello? Can anybody hear me?

    God, I’m hungry. I need to find something to eat. I need to find people. I want my Karen.

    My name is…

    My name…

    I feel so cold.

    And hungry.

    Can anyone hear me?

    • Hello, William? This is Billy (actually William too). We got your message. Where are you? It sounds like you might be infected. Have you been bitten or scratched by one of them?

  41. We have food. Ten cartons of tuna and about 800 lbs of rice. Got your attention? Good. We need your attention.
    I’ve attached a jpg with a map showing our current position. We’re about an hour from your last reported location, holed up in a shipping container . We lost three people yesterday trying to get to the main warehouse. There’s a ton of bottled water there but we don’t have enough ammo to clear the way. So we need you. And you can use us.
    Let’s be honest. Everyone’s turned into animals since this thing started. Every man for himself. So here’s what is in it for you. Aside from the food, one of our group has a gun store in town. He came down here to pick up a shipment of ammo. Lots of it. It’s in one of the storage containers here but I’m not telling you which one. I’m not telling you my name or the name of the guy that owns the gun store. You pick us all up or none of us. Pick us up and you get food and ammo. If you don’t we’ll likely die and you’ll never find either.
    Sorry if I’m coming off as rude. Once we’re safely back on the water we’ll have a beer and play all civilized. I tell ya, it’s pretty hard to be civilized listening to those things gnawing on friends a few inches away.

    • Hello in the cargo container! This is the Sovereign Spirit. We are little busy right now. Major rescue operation in progress. If you can make it to the beach, we can pick you up. Otherwise you will have to sit tight a bit longer. If the tuna cans are packed in water, you be able to hold out for quite a while. There will be a window of opportunity to escape. I can’t tell you what it will be, but you will know when it arrives. Don’t worry about the supplies or ammo. We can always go back for them later. Just survive. As long as you are good people, you will be welcome in the Safe Haven or the Flotilla.

  42. Anyone out there???? Not sure because I just got to a safe place and am alone. I was showing a house here on Knox Cove Dr. in McKinleyville on the coast of CA. As I was showing my last buyers out there was a commotion near their car. Some people just ran up to them and attacked them. Tearing at them like wild animals. I slammed the door and latched it tight. I didn’t know what to do. This is a gated community so I have no idea who those people are. I heard the growling and tried to keep quiet so as not to let them know where I was.

    I made sure all the windows were locked and tried the phone. How can 911 not answer? I checked my computer to get someone to help me and saw what was going on. Zombies???!!!! It had to be a joke. But as I looked out the window I noticed there were something odd about the attackers. I got all the water and food I could and put in a blanket. I am so glad I stocked up the fridge for the week of showings or I would have been out of luck.

    When I read they were afraid of water I relaxed. I had wondered why they weren’t at the back of the houses on the West side. We have a small stream the flows along close to the patio then there is a 2 mile strait and then the ocean. I am prepared to move to the strait if they get inside but for now I am trapped against the water. I can’t get out to my car, there are about 50 of them milling around. If I keep quiet I’ll be okay. I just don’t know how long.

    If anyone can get to me please help. I filled up the tub with with water bu the electricity of now off. Once my battery on my laptop runs out I’m out of luck. Please can someone help me???!!!!!

    • Hello Wanda. This is Billy on the Sovereign Spirit. We are too far away to help you right now, but we got your message. Using satellite imaging, it looks like there might be safe areas near you. These zombies hate water, so pray for rain. Don’t wait too long to leave that house. Go down the stream to the ocean, if you can’t get to your car. Try to make it to the beach. Hiller Park might be relatively free of zombies, but you would be better off at Mad River Park. There are also a few little islands in the river at the Mad River Road crossing. We will log your location and condition and pass it on to the nearest safe havens in the San Francisco Bay. If you can get to a boat, head south and join the group established by Tony on Angel Island. Good luck and God bless.

      • Packed up and left the house. On my way to the stream I thought I heard something so hid next to a neighbor’s shed. Looking in the small window I saw it was clear so I went in, happy that it was unlocked. I think the Gods were smiling on me because I tripped and fell into an aluminum canoe. I cried in pain and happiness. I was going to walk down the stream until I found a boat and here I actually tripped over one. To my surprise the noise I heard was the humming of a freezer inside the garage. The neighbors must have had a generator so I quickly unplugged the freezer and plugged in my laptop to charge. While investigating the garage I found a few cans of spam, granola bars, peanut butter, a couple of jugs of water, small tent, rope, and a sleeping bag.
        I loaded everything into the canoe and decided to stay the night here and make sure to get a start at first light. I opened the tent and tied it with the rope half of the canoe to keep items dry and safe. I’m going to head out towards Angel Island. If your friend Tony is reading this, please let him know to look out for me. I’m new at boating and am simply going to try and keep to the coast. I’m scared, alone and tired. Hopefully I can get some sleep once I’m on the water. — Wanda

        • Hello Wanda. This is Tony at Angel Island, San Francisco Bay. We have monitored your contact with the Sovereign Spirit and understand your current situation. Although we are unable to conduct long range rescue operations due to severe limitations in resources, we do have daily patrols that range as far as Mendocino Bay, which is about 3 hours south, along the coast, of your last location in McKinleyville. We are unable to confirm the security of any locations north of Mendocino Bay at this time so use extreme caution. We are finding survivors daily so have faith. Once you are able to reach our patrol area we will find you.

          • Wanda and Tony, I hope you two link up. However, be advised that Wanda is much farther than 3 hours away by canoe. McKinnleyville is more than 100 miles north of San Francisco. I suggest that once you get to the ocean, Wanda, you look for a power boat. If you can’t find one there, check the harbor further south at Eureka in Humboldt Bay. The Flotilla would be interested in learning about conditions there too. Good luck, Wanda. And Tony, thanks for your efforts to save her and other survivors.

          • Hi Billy. Our reference of approximately 3 hours was from McKinleyville to Mendocino Bay albeit that is using an overland calculation. Mendocino Bay is the furthest north we have been able to range on our patrols at present thus we are unable to accurately calculate the nautical miles at this time. We do completely agree that Wanda should attempt to secure a power boat to make best time.

  43. I just took a break to update you on my situation. I took Mad River south to the Bar Channel keeping away from shore. After paddling this damn canoe I feel as if my arms are going to fall off. Eureka airport is a dead zone. Due to it being such a large airport, many people went there and I think were trapped. You can actually smell the zombies out on the water when the wind blows. Good thing about it though is they are trapped. There is the ocean on the west, Bar Channel to the south and Hookton Channel to the east all the way up to Arcata Bay. I got out of McKinleyville just in time because that’s the only way they can go… North. There is the Eureka Marina and if nothing can be found there or it’s too bad I can just go up a bit to Woodley Island Marina. Let others know to stay away from Eureka airport and avoid New Navy Base Road. It’s like the Million Dead Man March on that stretch.
    I believe it might be possible to make a safe haven around this area in the future. Table Bluff County Park doesn’t look too badly infested and there are a lot of little creeks and streams running around it. I have not seen any Coast Guard ships or helicopters at all. That seems a bit funny since there was a station in McKinleyville. I will keep you up to date. Right now I’m getting ready to enter the channel. –Wanda

  44. HELLO!!! Is anybody there?! Please help us. Im holed up inside an apartment mbuilding with my sister and her husband . We were running after a rescue convoy but were told to wait there for a rescue party to take us to a nearby safe haven..i think it was near a refinery. However the rain stopped abruptly and we had to run back to the building. All of my friends died when the zombies attacked them when we ran back. Now we’re surrounddd by zombies and they re pounding on the door. Dont know how long the door will hold. Please help us!!

    • Oops. Sorry we missed you… Good luck, Alfa. The ship has sailed, but we will forward your message to the El Segundo Stronghold and Terminal Island Safe Haven. Good luck!

  45. Is anyone still out there? Me and a group of my co-workers are holed up in the holiday inn on the San Diego bay. We have weapons, food and water, but not for much longer. The power’s been out sense then 2nd day, but Nick my boyfriend thought it was a good idea to fill the tub with Water in our rooms, we have 3 rooms between then 8 of us.

    We saw the GNN report you gave, and were trying to figure out a way out. I don’t know how much longer were going to last. Were not week people but, 2 weeks up in these rooms is driving us crazy. There’s only so many times one can read a comic book about Zombies, when you can hear, your former co-workers and strangers raving outside.

    Another Co-worker Randy thinks if we set off the fire alarms, the water from the sprinklers will drive the Z’s away long enough for us to to get out. Not sure if this will work, I’m scared, I think were all scared. I see a lot of boat activity out in the bay some days, and other’s nothing. Its like the world is really over, and were the last survivors.

    Please, if there is anyone out there. Help us!

    • Hi, its me April again.

      We have decided not to risk setting off the fire alarms. Randy and Nick checked out the Balcony and they think they are close enough together for us to climb down on. The eight of us will climb down the Balcony till were on the 1st floor, and wait for the rain to start this afternoon.

      When it starts raining, were going to climb down to the ground, and make for the harbor. Both Randy and Phil know how to drive boats, so were hoping to find a boat, that will fit the eight of us.

      Okay, it looks like were about to start, from here until we reach a boat it will be radio silence. Oh god I’m so scared….please pray for us.

      April, Nick, Randy, Phil, Wade, Jay, Seth, and Dean.

  46. My name is Harold Lancaster and I am in San Francisco. I have watched as the city has been flooded with the infected. Seemly hundreds have died right before my eyes as a result of that ever-rising horde or whatever these things are. People have been torn apart in the streets and seemingly devoured. Many have risen from the attacks with horrific injuries to join the ranks of the infected. It has been like watching piranha in a feeding frenzy or the worst horror movie ever made! There has been no sign of military assets anywhere in the City and the police that initially attempted to control the storming masses of infected were quickly decimated.

    All the established ‘safe zones’ set up by the local government have been completely destroyed. There must be other survivors I am certain but I have no idea of the numbers or their locations. Unfortunately I know for fact that weapons, guns of any type, are almost impossible to locate with this city’s strict anti-gun laws. I doubt folks were able to react quickly enough with other forms of weapons to defend themselves before being overwhelmed.

    I was able to watch the rather unorthodox interview between Commodore Allen and GNN. Because of what he had to say I am taking responsibility for my own survival. It is my sincere hope that other survivors in the city were able to see that interview and act accordingly. Our local city officials have accomplished little in helping San Franciscans and, as typical, many mixed messages were sent out about what to do. That included an order to shelter in place which I believe caused the deaths of many more people.

    I am a retired cop and have weapons in my possession. Not the level of firepower to do much at this point, but enough I believe to help accomplish a plan I have been formulating. Upon completing this email I am headed to the closest police station about 10 blocks away. If I am able to breach the station I will attempt to locate additional firepower which will greatly aid my ability to move through the city.

    I plan to attempt securing water transportation from our marina and head out to one of the bay islands. Alcatraz is the closest to the marina and that seems the logical choice. I will be keeping an eye out for survivors that I may be able to help but at this point I am not sure what I would be able to do in that regard.

    The information passed along about water and hills is extremely helpful. As you may know San Francisco is famous for steep in-city hills. I believe that it might be possible to avoid some encounters with the infected by using stealth, staying quiet and using some of the steep streets to my advantage. Although I think that is just wishful thinking from what I have seen. However, the city is also burning so I will have little choice but to move soon. I also observed something happen near or on the Bay Bridge near Treasure Island. Looked like several large explosions but I have no idea what that was about at this point.

    There is something else very important that I need to pass along in the event this could prove helpful to others. I had begun to notice a peculiar behavioral pattern developing in the infected the second day after the infection hit. In the late afternoon, always at about the same time, they seemed to start to move in what I can only describe as a migration pattern. I spent a couple days watching them but the reason for this behavior eluded me. That was until I saw the GNN interview with the Commodore! The infected are afraid of water and the realization of what was causing this strange movement hit me! It’s the fog! They are trying to get away from our heavy moisture-laden fog!

    Although I realize the Flotilla cannot help us we can nonetheless take the example of what the flotilla has done. Humanity seemingly stands at the doorstep of an extinction level event but we certainly do not have to go quietly into the night. San Francisco is dead but the bay may offer hope. I know it will offer at least a chance rather than waiting here to either burn to death or be consumed by these spawns of hell. I will write more if, and when, I am able.

    Luck to us all!

    • Thanks for the update! The Sovereign Spirit is heading your direction! Best of luck to you and the rest of the survivors of the dead. You are not alone… Sovereign Spirit Net.

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