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Welcome to my blog. I haven’t done this before, so prepare for a bumpy ride. I’ll use this page to post news about my books and other things that interest me. Comments and questions are welcome.

Let’s start with the latest news. I will be appearing at the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con next weekend (Nov. 23) for a panel discussion and book signing at the Mysterious Galaxy booth in the Long Beach Convention Center.

Long Beach Comic and Horror Con: Nov. 23, 2013.
Panel Discussion at 1:00pm. Book signing at 3:30.

November 24 Update:

It was a real honor to be invited to join this star studded panel that included a bunch of NY Times Bestselling authors and… me. (?). Left to right, me, Nancy Holder, Jonathon Maberry (behind moderator LeAnna Herrera from Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore), Tamara Thorne, and Christopher Rice. They were all very welcoming and gracious to the indie newbie.



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