Welcome to ApocaCon.com, dedicated to promoting apocalyptic fiction as a genre. ApocaCon was founded by David P. Forsyth in 2012 at the Long Beach Zombie Walk to showcase a handful of apocalyptic indie authors. In 2013 the event more than doubled in size and grew to include an author’s roundtable breakfast and book signing at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore the next day. ApocaCon is a fun and exciting way for apocalyptic authors to interact with each other and fans of the genre.

Thanks to the positive response of authors and fans, and generous sponsorship from Show Producers and Direct Radio (who provided professional banners that will be useful for years to come), ApocaCon is poised to expand to other venues in 2014.

The plan is for indie apocalyptic authors to pool together and secure a shared ApocaCon booth at larger horror, comic, and science fiction “cons.” Authors can schedule times for book signings and sales at the ApocaCon booth and still have time too mix, mingle and network throughout the larger events. Authors and fans can check here for updates on scheduled events, or join the ApocaCon Group on Facebook.

Current project: “ApcocaCon Download for the Troops” will feature over a dozen apocalyptic e-books that can be downloaded for FREE by members of the armed forces and their families this Holiday Season. Stay tuned for details.

ApocaCon 2013 panel and apocalyptic book signing at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore . From left to right: Perter Clines, Craig DiLouie, David Forsyth, Christopher Fennel, “The Angery American” (Big Chris), Saul Tanpepper & Shawn Chesser (not shown, J. Rudolph, Dan Williams, and Monique Happy).

ApocaCon 2013 booth at the Long Beach Zombie Walk.

ApocaCon 2012 Poster — featuring “Voyage of the Dead” (David Forsyth), “Going Home” (Angery American), “Mace of the Apocalypse” (Dan Williams), “Allegiance” (Shawn Chesser), “Gameland” (Saul Tanpepper), “The Highway” (J. Rudolph), and Monique Happy Editorial Services.

ApocaCon 2012 logo.

Welcome to ApocaCon — ’til the end of the world and beyond.

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