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Voyage of the Dead, Flotilla of the Dead, and Deluge of the Dead comprise Volume One of the highly rated Sovereign Spirit Saga. Together with the new prequel collection, Interludes in Hell, they offer a bold new perspective on the zombie apocalypse genre.  This is more science-fiction and action-adventure than pure horror, following a group of lucky survivors aboard a ship as it sails through the apocalypse and beyond.  Think Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek meets The Walking Dead and you will have an idea of where the Sovereign Spirit is going. In fact, try to think of the BEST place to ride out the zombie apocalypse. Then decide if you would sit back in safety, or try to make a difference?  The apocalypse may have ended the world as they knew it, but the situation is not hopeless for those who have the means and will to endure, fight back and start over.  There is plenty of action, suspense, blood and guts, but the story is intended to be more about using your brains than eating them.  With that in mind, Bon Voyage!

Voyage of the Dead starts as the zombie apocalypse erupts.  Those aboard the Sovereign Spirit watch the world being overrun in vivid HD via satellite TV, then rush to rescue friends and family ashore.  A subplot features a lone survivor in a city being consumed by infected undead cannibals. It’s an adventure through the apocalypse as a ship pursues her mission to restore hope and one man struggles to outsmart the Zs.

Flotilla of the Dead picks up where the 1st book left off.   The Sovereign Spirit rescues survivors, attracts followers, and encounters new challenges and confrontations. A group ashore discovers new weapons to battle the horde. Objectives are reached and lives are lost.  Plot lines converge in a riveting crisis.

Deluge of the Dead raises the stakes as the survivors discover that zombies may not be the worst threat they face. Nature and remnants of civil authority play a role in gathering lucky survivors into a safe haven, but others are intent on violating the fragile sanctuary. You won’t believe who lives and who dies in the end. And this is only the beginning.

Interludes in Hell was released after the first three books, but describes events before and during the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. Three prequel novellas explore the cause and effect of the virus that brought on the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know it. “Lukan” (also available separately) is the first hand account from a sick mind that unleashed the virus. “Land’s End” describes how a yachtsman in Mexico deals with an onslaught of zombies. “Into the Breach” follows a battalion of US Marines sent to defend a city that is eating itself alive. These prequels can be read as stand alone stories, introductions to the saga, or provide “ah-ha” insights to fans of the series.

Volume Two of the Sovereign Spirit Saga will launch in 2014. Several other writers are also working on books set in the Sovereign Spirit “universe” and may even cross plot lines. I can think of no higher form of praise for the series. Their work will also be noted and linked here when available. In short, the saga has just begun. Welcome aboard!


19 thoughts on “About the Sovereign Spirit Saga

  1. Love the series!! Just read both books over a period of several days and I am impatiently waiting for the next installment!!

  2. I loved the first book (read it in less than a day) and am almost finished with book 2. I also enjoyed seeing the photos you posted showing some of the boats and other vehicles used throughout the books. Anxiously awaiting book 3!

  3. I just finished reading Voyage and Flotilla of the dead, and I now place them among my favorite zombie reads. I hope Deluge will be available soon. Thank you for the good stories.

    • Thank very much for the comment. Please feel free to leave a review on Amazon too! I’m well into Deluge now and can assure you that it is full of new twists and heartrending suspense. Look for it before Halloween (I hope).

  4. I’ve just finished these two books and thoroughly enjoyed them! A little confused though, what happened to the thugs from the casino roof? – no further mention of them was made(or did I miss something?). Also where did the Aussies disappear to? What did surprise me though was the loss of life – or lack thereof, both among Scott’s people and Carl’s people.
    Don’t mind me, I’m just nit picking. At the end of the day, i loved both books and am really looking forward to the next one.

  5. Hello Mr. Forsyth. This is “Tony in San Francisco”. Just wanted to thank you for a great series thus far. And the SovereignSpirit.net has been a kick! Thanks for allowing my long winded stuff to post. LOL It’s been fun to sort of be part of a story line like that. I am really 55 and retired law enforcement by the way, and if I had even a small portion of your talent I would brave the Z world myself. But alas, not my calling FOR SURE! LOL

    Anyway, I have been an avid Z book reader for years, tending to seek out the series type story lines, and have read some good stuff and some VERY good stuff. We don’t need to mention anything below the “good” ratings right! I put the Saga series in the “VERY good” category. I rarely write reviews, but had to drop a few lines, 5 stars of course, on Amazon but I believe your work is speaking for itself. I look forward to Deluge, with more to come in the future.

    Thanks again for a great ride following the Flotilla!

    • Hello Tony. I haven’t seen your review yet, but am looking forward to it. Thank you VERY much for participating in SovereignSpirit.net, sir. I am happy to inform you that messages from “Tony in San Fran” will be included in Deluge of the Dead, in edited form (if you agree to it). Your posts are not only in character, they are compelling and geographically pertinent. Thanks for your time and interest.

  6. Wow! What an honor! You absolutely have my full permission to use any of my rambling thoughts in Deluge! Edit or expand anything that you feel you could use. After finishing the second book it struck me that the San Francisco Bay would be an ideal setting for part the Flotilla’s adventures in some form.

    I’m not sure why my reviews have not posted on Amazon. I posted them just before I sent the least message to you so maybe I did not complete the steps properly. I have actually only written one other book review and that was some time ago. I think I may not have completed the process. Anyway, I will check after sending this off to make certain they are posted.

    Thanks again!

  7. Yeah, I didn’t complete the process as I thought. Too busy getting out of the damn police station to reach the Marina! LOL Anyway, the review is now posted.

    Thanks and best success with Apocacon!

  8. OMG! I posted this on the .net site instead of this one! Crap! Hope you can remove it from there! I am REALLY sorry!

    Hey Mr. Forsyth, this is Tony in San Francisco again. You’ve GOT to be tired of seeing my name all over your site by now!! LOL Anyway, I wanted to comment on the contest at Good Reads. I am having a great time with all this, and although I think it an honor you would even consider including some of my “reports” , and I don’t want this come across as if I think I would win anything, I would prefer that my ramblings not be considered for prizes, etc. Like I said, I am having a great time with all this and that is reward enough for me. I really hope you understand what I mean. You can use anything I post in any way you think might work, but I wanted you to clearly understand I’m not seeking anything other than the great ride I’m getting out of all this. Anyway, hope what I am trying to convey makes sense. Thanks again for allowing me to take up so much space here! LOL

    • No problem, Tony. I really like your post on the Goodreads thread too. Thanks for getting into the spirit (sovereign that is ;) of the whole thing. I’m glad you’re enjoying the experience. I wanted to offer readers a new way to interact with my books and become part of the adventure. You are helping to make this a very successful experiment. I do appreciate your contribution and respect your position on “prizes”, but my policy will be to “gift” a copy of Deluge of the Dead to anyone whose post is included in the book. Check your email on Christmas morning.

  9. After looking at the items in the “Toy Box” I decided to go to Google Maps and look up Terminal Island. It looks just like it was described in the books. Now I have the layout perfectly pictured in my head. I’m now going to re-read the first 2 books. :)

    • Wow! That’s high praise, Wanda. I’m glad you found the Toy Box helpful. I included it here, in part, to see if readers were visualizing the things I described in the books. I also applaud your decision to use Google Maps. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Although I live in Southern California and have been to all of the cities described in the books (from Cabo to Malibu, etc…), my biggest research tool in writing these books has been Google Earth and Wikimapia. The things I spotted in the path my characters took helped to shape their adventures and contributed to the formation of the storyline.

  10. Well, I’ve just finished re-reading the first 3(today) and I’m already getting withdrawal symptoms. PLEASE! when can we expect No4? I need to know what happens next, what will the US Navy do? Will anybody see sense and remove Admiral Winchester? Oh, so many questions to be answered.

    • Philip, I have been remiss in not responding. In truth, after this website was attacked by spam pirates I stopped looking at it. The Sovereign Spirit website worked better than Obamacare and none of the 330,000 spam messages got through. I hope none of them were like yours though! Damn. Lesson learned and website will be updated regularly with a blog too. In case you missed it, I released “Interludes in Hell” last month (and you didn’t like Admiral Winchester before…). I am also working on three more books in the saga. Thanks for your patience.

      • David, I had already ordered Interludes but had not gotten around to reading it. I have now and I loved it! It did as advertised-explained the start but the follow up stories fleshed out and humanised 3 of your main characters, a bit of a shame you didn’t ‘do’ Sgt. Murphy though. But there I go being picky again :)

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